Storz And Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid

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Storz And Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid also lets you hook up a flexible whip for direct draws with a few feet of range on it. While the whip method of hitting a vaporizer is not new, it has never been an option for the Volcano and has been for many competitors. Now they’ve stepped up to be better than all the competition. The new Hybrid uses the same luxury quality convection airflow as well as some conduction in the oven. The whip provides powerful hits and the heat-up time for the whip is slightly less than the bag.

One of the best things about the Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid is the touch controls. You can also use a Bluetooth app to control it. The greatest improvement though is the quick minute or two to heat up, instead of the nearly five minutes it took before.

The Hybrid has abandoned the easy valve chamber for a redesigned chamber that works differently from the existing Easy Valve. If you have an old Volcano then you’ll have to get the new Chamber to adapt it to the whip and new bag system.

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Storz And Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid


  • Robust, completely electro-mechanical design.
  • Vaporization temperature adjustable between 104 F and 446 F via a touchscreen or Bluetooth app.
  • Height: 7 in.
  • Base width 8 in.
  • Includes bag system and whip.
  • Covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Includes Volcano tabletop unit, New chamber for flower or dabs, Air Filter, Cleaning Brush, Grinder, and Instruction Manual.
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3 reviews for Storz And Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid

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    Grav and 420 science never let me down. The Great quality you expect from grav and the best customer service from 420 science, that I have also become accustomed to.

    GRAV Slush Cup Bubbler

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    his piece stacks!
    Not a heady piece but I’ve come to love the lack of color. Basic, very discreet unassuming bubbler. Thick glass which fits perfectly in your hand. Low draw resistance without any splash back is key. Fill with about 1.5″-2″ of water and this piece drops bombs. I married this with my vape + water pipe adaptor and couldn’t be happier. I’m definitely going to look at other Sip series pieces.

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