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If you’re looking for an indica-heavy hybrid,Buy Critical Kush (CBD) is your strain. Consumers have said those who suffer from insomnia or night terrors will most likely find relief using and to  Buy Critical Kush (CBD) is good before bed as it will slip the mind and body into a peaceful night’s rest. As the body drops into full relaxation, the mind will become hazy, so don’t plan on doing anything that requires too much thinking after consuming this strain. Users say expect to become sleepy, hungry, thirsty, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing or giggling a lot more.

Buy Critical Kush (CBD) was first bred by the notorious Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and is a cross between the indica Critical Mass and hybrid OG Kush. THC levels range from 14-20% depending on cultivation and curing techniques used. Buds of Critical Kush are light and minty green with burnt orange pistils and a dusting of resinous trichomes.

The main terpene found in this strain is Beta-Myrcene, the musky terpene that’s associated with inducing couch-lock. It’s also this terpene, among others, that gives Critical Kush its earthy and musky aroma that often has cedar-like notes.

When inhaled, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact flavor, as it has no truly dominating taste and can be a bit harsh on the lungs or throat. Reviewers have noted this strain is best used with a vaporizer and will often leave a woody aftertaste on the back of the tongue.

Buy Critical Kush (CBD) is great for novice growers as it can easily be grown indoors and out. The plant will grow to a medium height and flowers in about 8.


Buy Critical Kush (CBD) is a mostly indica strain that blends together two famed cannabis staples, Critical Mass and OG Kush. Aromatic notes of earthiness and spice usher in a calming sensation that relaxes the mind and body. Critical Kush pairs a staggeringly high THC content with a moderate dose of CBD, making this strain a perfect nighttime medication for pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Growers cultivating this strain indoors will wait 50 to 60 days for Buy Critical Kush (CBD) to complete its flowering cycle.

This delicious Oregon-grown strain is known for its calming effects as well as keeping your mind clear and focused. Features earthy and mildly skunky, sweet notes combined with soothing properties for a strong euphoric effect.

● Organically grown without any pesticides, chemical sprays, or synthetic fertilizers

● Contains 14% CBD and less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

● Cured with organic cannabis terpenes.

Our organic High CBD Flower is known for its instant effects and terpene rich taste. The heavy cannabinoid and terpene profile allows faster absorption by the body and provides instant improvement in mood, stress, and focus.

● Organically grown and cured with terpenes for maximum flavor.

● Grown without any pesticides, chemical sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

● Contains 17% CBD and less than 1%.

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Cookies: ANYTIME – features sweet, chocolate and earth notes combined with focusing properties to deliver a hybrid-like, euphoric effect. Critical Kush: NIGHTTIME – features earthy, woody and flowery notes combined with calming properties to deliver an indica-like, relaxing effect.

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