Black & White Haring Dab Rig


Black & White Haring Dab Rig

the K.Haring dab rig combines excellent water filtration with eclectic artistry. This glass pipe has a turbine percolator that generates a cyclone of water for exceptionally cool hits. In addition to a built-in splash guard, the Rig is outfitted with a 90-degree downstream and directional carb cap that gives you added control over airflow.

Heat-resistant designs are hand-applied to the borosilicate glass construction; opposing colors and black, bold lines arrange Haring’s vibrant aesthetic. The intriguing Rig is completed with Keith Haring’s signature.

Haring’s signature and dazzling artwork continue onto the rig’s box. The packaging’s thick walls and foam inserts provide safe and secure storage.

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Black & White Haring Dab Rig


  • Height: 9.5in
  • Base width: 3.5in
  • Iconic Keith Haring artwork
  • Hand-Applied, heat-resistant designs
  • 90deg downstem
  • 14mm male quartz banger
  • Turbine percolator
  • A UFO-Style directional carb cap
  • Flared bucket
  • Built-In splashguard
  • Borosilicate glass
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