100mg Bag of Dark Chocolate 10packs


100mg Bag of Dark Chocolate 10packs

Crafted Bites and Delight’s rich and savory Dark Chocolates are bound to become one of your favorite indulgences. Each chocolate is infused with 20 mg of high-quality CBD extracted from premium sourced American-grown hemp which provides for a relaxing experience of wellness in your body and mind. These chocolates erupt with flavors that tantalize your palate with bittersweet goodness.

*Made with CBD extracts properly sourced from the highest quality hemp plants

*Vegan and gluten-free

*Little to no medicinal taste.

*Child-proof, resealable grip glide packaging for safety

*Third-party tested and are less than 0.3% THC

*Note: Please consult with your physician before taking CBD.

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100mg Bag of Dark Chocolate 10packs

Founded in Chicago with a mission to extract and infuse only the highest quality cannabinoids into premium products, KifCure brings together a stellar lineup of brands to the CBD space. KifCure believes that quality is key, above all else. They practice this commitment in every aspect of their business from soil to oil, and beyond with a wide array of product options available. From sustainable packaging to locally grown ingredients, this incredible company aims to lift our communities from the ground up. All KifCure products are produced in the USA by real people that you can actually speak to. The KifCure product developers and infusion specialists are hard at work to deliver products that you can count on to produce repeatable results. This brand represents unparalleled respect for this incredible plant and a relentless commitment to raising standards and education in the green space.

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