Seed bank that ships to the USA.

Seed bank that ships to the USA.

Seed bank that ships to the USA.

Seed bank that ships to the USA.

Seeds At the moment, the United States is perhaps the most progressive country when it comes to growing and using marijuana. This is visible in recent times. Currently, the legalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis in the US is spreading more and more across the states. This ensures a rise of interest in growing cannabis plants.

However and how confusing it may sound, smoking and growing marijuana are still illegal at the federal level. Therefore it’s challenging for most fanciers to grow marijuana plants at home.

Although it’s possible to buy seeds in some states, this doesn’t apply to all states. Yet, the quality of the seeds in the US isn’t always that good which is a direct result of the legality of cannabis and the war on drugs. Many interested parties, therefore, look for a seed bank that ships to the USA. Most seedbanks from Europe.

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Why do growers prefer seed banks that ship to the US?
In the US, there are currently no sales points to find where you can buy high-quality cannabis seeds. Not even in states where marijuana is legal. Because most customers don’t want to buy their cannabis seeds via the black market, most American growers for a seed bank from Europe that sends to the US. In addition, a number of seed banks, just Weedseedsexpress, offer high-quality seeds combined with guarantees to make sure your shipment gets delivered.

Points of attention when shipping cannabis seeds to the USA.
Although most shipments will pass customs, there is always a chance that a shipment will be stopped by customs. If that happens unexpectedly, you don’t have to be afraid that you will go to jail. The worst thing that can happen is that the seeds are confiscated and you get a letter from customs in which they indicate that the package has been intercepted.

Fortunately, renowned seed banks have a lot of experience in sending seeds to the USA. Besides, the discreet packaging will increase the chance that the seeds will arrive neatly. If you choose a seed bank such as Weedseedsexpress, you also have the right to a free re-shipment in case this happens.

How to choose a seed bank that ships to the US?

Although there are now several seed banks that ship to the USA, choosing a seed bank without doing research isn’t recommended. To make the right choice and to avoid problems, there are several things you should pay attention to:

– Reviews and customer experiences.
– Type of seeds and classification.
– Customer service.
– Delivery time and the shipping method.
– Discreet shipping.
– Payment options.
– Genetics.

* Reviews and customer experiences (reputation)
The reputation of a seed bank is perhaps the most important factor. Not only for you as a consumer but also for the seed bank itself. Seed banks with a great reputation haven’t just received that reputation. They worked hard for it and want to keep it. The reputation is for example formed by messages on forums and websites where customers can write a review.

Most seed banks also show customer reviews of the products and services. In that way, you are better able to understand what to expect and quickly see whether a product and service from a seed bank match your expectations.

* Type of seeds and classification.

1. feminized seed variety pack: Before you buy cannabis seeds (Indica or Sativa) you have to decide whether you choose feminized or non-feminized seeds. To be able to make that choice, it’s important to understand the difference between those types. So what is the difference between those two?

  • Feminized seeds:
    Feminized seeds are also known as female seeds. But what does that mean? With feminized seeds, gender has been determined already. Although it isn’t guaranteed the plant will become female, with this type of seed the chance of a female plant is 99%. That makes these seeds a very reliable choice when you want it to become a female plant.
  • Benefits:
    The most important benefit: all plants will produce high-quality buds;
    Breeders don’t have to check their plants on a daily basis to remove male plants in order to protect female plants;
    Because breeders don’t have to remove plants they spare time and space;
    There is practically no chance of pollination;
    No male plants mean no useless seedy buds.
  • Disadvantages:
    Female plants won’t allow the development of male plants. Is it your goal to produce seeds? Then feminized seeds are not your likely choice.

best feminized seeds Top 5:

  • Golden Nugget Feminized:
    This golden marijuana strain looks beautiful and has a high potency, which combines to make it one of the best-feminized cannabis strains in 2020. Golden Nugget has an herbal, fruity smell and tastes earthy and spicy, with hints of sour and sweet left on your tongue. A cultivator of this weed strain will know that the feminized seeds grow into huge budded plants with a golden color in only 63 days and can bring high yields.
  • Chemdog Feminized:
    Indica dominant strain with an amazingly high THC content of over 21% to give users a strong high and body buzz.
    Green Crack is a highly potent blend of Afghani and Skunk that will knock your socks off. Besides its strong effects, it is also an incredibly prolific plant, with average indoor harvests being as much as 600 grams per square meter. This strain is fairly new, but it already has a cult following — and even a celebrity endorsement from Snoop Dogg himself!
  • Bubba Kush Feminized:
    is a high yield, high THC indica strain that produces a relaxing high effect. It is a cross between Bubble Gum and Original Kush.
    Bubba Kush‘s long-lasting high will keep a smile on your face. Its sweet, earthy flavor will welcome you into a full-body stone. This is a great strain for recreational relaxation use or for medical purposes like relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety, or combatting insomnia
  • Mango Feminized:
    Mango dates back to the 1960s and has been going strong ever since! It’s still a favorite feminized weed strain in 2020 and for good reason. This weed has high THC content and initially puts users into a happy, euphoric mode. You’ll be looking at the brighter side of life while on this amazing high! Then you’ll come down off the cloud on this cannabis strain and feel relaxed. Get set to rest your mellow self on the couch and unwind for a few hours
  • Sour Diesel Feminized:
    Another one of Crop King Seeds‘ best-feminized strains is Sour Diesel. It has a much more pleasant flavor to it than the name might suggest, with pleasant notes of fruity citrus. It does have a slight aroma of diesel, but not in an unpleasant way. It can’t be that bad, anyway, since Sour Diesel is quite possibly one of the single most popular strains in the world right now….
  • Chemdog Feminized: For the cannabis connoisseur, Chemdog (also known as Chemdawg) is a beloved strain and amongst the favorites to grow too. The feminized seeds are easy to grow and have a high yield, but that’s not the only reason why Chemdog is amongst the best cannabis around in 2020. It’s also very potent — so be careful if you’re a newbie! This weed strain has high THC levels (19–22%), so it’ll knock you off your feet and set you on couch mode.-
  • Royal queen seeds: Nowadays, seeds from Sativa and Indica (or hybrids thereof) strains are often referred to as feminized while the seeds from strains that have been crossbred with Ruderalis go by the name of ‘auto-flowering, Royal Queen Seeds are very affordable. Their prices are especially good when you consider the high-quality standards that they hold themselves to. In reality, they could be charging a lot more and still be offering a great service.-
  • 420 seed bank: They have not much sale seeds, but now and then they offer some deals. They have prices that are some times 2 times cheaper than seed suppliers which sell with a 30% discount. The price perception of I49 is very good. The variety is also nice. Is Growers Choice Seed Safe?
    Overall, Growers Choice is one of my top choices when it comes to seed banks. With rave reviews, extremely high-quality genetics and strains, and quick, discreet shipping — you can’t go wrong with this company.
    Do Ace seeds ship to the USA?
    If you are an ACE Seeds fan from the USA and you want to avoid the overseas shipping, now you can find our seeds at Pure Altitude, Detroit. Pure Altitude.
    Does seed CITY ship to the USA?

    View the Seed City Packaging Information Page! We currently offer to ship to all countries. … All of our shipping options come with a Stealth option which means we re-package your seeds into crush-proof tubes and conceal them inside a gift.
    How do you package seeds for shipping?
    Depending on the seeds, I either back them with a single thickness of bubble wrap or wrap them in a paper towel. I have received crushed seeds as well, especially in seed trades when people just toss them in an envelope in a little plastic zip-lock. A little padding goes a long way.
    Seedsman is a long time trusted cannabis seed bank with a massive selection, established in 2003. Buy feminized seeds, regular seeds, and auto-flowering seeds from 122 top breeders at bargain prices. The Seedsman website is secure and well categorized to help you find the right marijuana seeds for your growth. Credit/debit card payments go through no problem among other payment methods such as bank transfer or Bitcoin to get an even larger free seed bonus. The seeds come shipped to the USA quick, worldwide delivery in discreet packaging. Over 12,000 Seedsman reviews on Trustpilot add up to a “Great” 4-star rating. Check the sale page to find the latest seed packs marked down in price.
  • top 10 seedbanks :
    -OG Kush — Dinafem Seeds.
    -San Fernando Lemon Kush — Sweet Seeds.
    -Black D.O.G — Humboldt Seeds.
    -L.A. Confidential — DNA Genetics Seeds.
    -Royal Gorilla — Royal Queen Seeds.
    -New York City Diesel — Soma Seeds.
    -Eleven Roses — Delicious Seeds.
    -Soma Seeds: The East Coast DNA
    -Delicious Seeds: A Passion Realized
    -Dutch Passion: Cannabic passion in the dispensaries

Sensi seeds :
Sensi Seeds or Sensi Seed Bank is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam that markets cannabis seeds. Sensi Seeds is the world’s largest cannabis seed producer with the world’s largest cannabis seed bank, containing 250 different cannabis strains in 2012. The company has won two Cannabis Cups in 1993, 1994

attitude seeds :
Attitude Seed Bank has been a major player in the cannabis industry for many years now, and have managed to build up a trusted and reputable brand for themselves. When a customer buys Attitude seeds, they do so because they know that they will get a quality product, exactly what they ordered, and their seeds will be shipped safely and securely. Another bonus for Attitude Seed Bank is that they ship worldwide and accept multiple currencies, so this high level of customer service and care is available for anyone to experience.

nirvana seeds :
Nirvana’s history can be traced way back to the end of the 1980s. At the time, Nirvana’s founder Mau was working at Positronics, the legendary Amsterdam grows shop. It was here that he attained the knowledge and inspiration to start his own cannabis seed business.
He spent years traveling, seeking, and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains available. More years went into experimenting, growing, cross-breeding, and developing new cannabis strains, from which the very best were selected for his range of first-rate hybrids.
After applying and expanding his knowledge in a number of Amsterdam’s well-known grow shops, the time had come to offer the world the expertise he had gained and the excellent products he had developed.
In 1995 Nirvana was officially founded by Mau. From its origins as a cannabis seed specialist, Nirvana has grown into an innovative business concept. Its unique and original range of carefully crafted hemp products serves to expand the usage of this extraordinary plant further than ever before. While continually improving and extending its range of first-rate cannabis seeds.
The webshop, which sells solely top-notch cannabis seeds and nutrients, is run by a small but dedicated team of developers, programmers, and packers. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, which has long been one of the many reasons why customers love to shop with us again and again.

* Customer service
As you might understand, winning customers’ trust isn’t easy at all. Being in the business for a long time and building a good reputation is, of course, one thing, but high-quality products and professional customer service are probably the most important.

For example, Weedseedsexpress offers the highest quality standards when it comes to customer service. As a customer, you want quick answers and at Weedseedsexpress you get that. We are available on business days and weekends between 09:00–18:00 (UTC +1). Emails are answered within a maximum of 12 hours.

* Delivery time and shipping method
Another important factor is the delivery time. Shipments from Europe take about 5- 15 business days to reach the destination in the USA. Track and Trace orders take an average of 5–18 business days. This applies to all seed banks.

However, where most seed banks will send your order the day after receiving the payment, Weedseedsexpress currently offers free accelerated delivery, and paid orders are already shipped within 8 hours. As a result, our delivery time is generally 2–3 business days faster.

* Discreet shipping.
The discreet shipment speaks for itself and provides a reduced chance of stopping the seeds by customs. Every reputable seed bank offers this as a standard and will not charge extra for this.

Weedseedsexpress sends seeds to customers in the USA. For this, we use discreet envelopes and a sturdy package so that the chance of damaged seeds is minimal.

* Payment options.
Paying must be simple and accessible. For example, customers from the USA like to pay with credit or debit cards such as (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). However, for your discretion, it must be possible to pay completely anonymously as well. Think of a cash payment by mail or cryptocurrencies.

Also, the payment platform must be secure. Therefore always check in your browser whether you see the SSL key and whether the seed bank of 3D makes secure use. This way you prevent your credit card data from being stolen.

* Genetics.
Not unimportantly, the seed bank must offer the genetics you are looking for. Think of Indica, Sativa, cauliflower, regular or feminized species.

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